Professional Interpreters

Are you already a professional interpreter who would like to hone your skills in a specialized area?

V.I.I. offers online courses specifically for the medical and judicial interpreting arenas. With sessions beginning in 2012, these courses are intended for individuals who are already working professionally as interpreters, and wish to expand their marketability by becoming medical and/or judicial interpreters.

Learn more about the V.I.I. Medical Interpreting Course

Learn more about the V.I.I. Judicial Interpreting Course

These highly interactive courses allow students to acquire critical knowledge through a variety of rich media content, while participating intensively in simulations. These simulations are not simple scenarios, but rather game-like environments where the student directly affects the outcome of the course’s practicum.

Students are given the opportunity to participate in the simulations as many times as it takes to achieve the expected results. The students’ level of previous professional experience will enhance his/her performance in the simulations and tests. Consequently, course completion can take anywhere from 70 to 90 hours.